Music Festivals are about discovery.  Shouldn’t your website do it’s part?  

The Free Retribal Music Festival plugin works with any theme and is full of features to engage your fans, sponsors, artists, staff, volunteers, venues and stages.

Deep Artist and Venue Profiles

The Retribal Music Festival plugin goes the extra mile to take care of all the technical optimization.  It first and foremost helps you build and manage a  better, deeper, and more engaging music festival website.  Enter artist profiles and venue information just once and integrate artist youtube channels, tweets, instagrams in real-time.

Music Festival Search Engine Optimization

More importantly, the Retribal plugin provides focus pages for all venues, performers, and full genre-based performer archive pages.  Venues are fully categorized by features such as food and drink, restrooms, and capacity.  If the venue provides social media, Retribal will integrate it.  Be aware, other integration alternatives such as framing just don’t give your music festival website the same juicy SEO mojo.

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The Free Retribal Music Festival plugin works with any WordPress theme.

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Rock-solid Festival Technology

Our plugins and apps were borne of the need for a dependable platform promoting world class music events. Engineered with flexibility in mind, can support, organize, and amplify the largest and most complex events. This plugin is written from the ground up by the team at to drive audience engagement and ticket sales.  

The Catch?  Perfect Music Festival App Integration

This plugin is free and works great on it’s own, but where it really shines is as a part of the full Retribal Music Festival app and digital marketing platform.  

Retribal is dedicated to music festivals and it works perfectly with the Performer and Venue data you have already entered on your WordPress based website.

Check out the fully branded app and marketing solution and ask the nice people there for a demo at

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